5 Web Project ideas to test your new coding skills

So you've picked up that new web language or framework and you probably believe you've exhausted the documentation but don't know what next to do or build with it. I have had a couple people ask me about this and one too many times these projects elude me at that moment.

Learning is a lot of fun and I've taken the time out to compile interesting web project ideas for you.

1. GuestBook App

This is as simple as they come… Building a guestbook app covers the basic operations you'd need in building an app -  CRUD - Create, Read, Update and delete. A guestbook app basically allows you store records of people that visit your site by collecting personal information such as Name, Email, and Comment. What you need is a landing page that displays the records in your database, a form to create new records. You can extend this further to add pages to edit and delete existing records thereby playing around with routing of the desired language or framework. I created a quick boilerplate for this to get you started quick and not get hung up on the html details. Check it out on GitHub – Guestbook Html Boilerplate

2. Information Retrieval System

This can be very wide or as simple as you imagine it to be. It can go from a Library information system that allows you add records of books to the database, view details of each book, search through book records etc to a connected network of laboratories where you can manage equipment records across laboratories. Another example of this is Scammr which i built while learning Laravel. Let your imagination guide you :)

3. Shopping Cart

A lot of recent frameworks come with functionalities to easily achieve a basic version of shopping carts, but building one yourself would let you identify and understand various parts of the new language or framework you are checking out. From authentication to session management etc.

4. Forum

A forum can pass as a basic form of a social platform. Manage usernames, accounts and user related data and profiles. A friend once asked me if he had to create a folder for every user that registers on his site programmatically… So he can have example.com/user :D

5. Polling App

This app should allow people express their opinions through polls/votes. You can allow users sign up to create their own custom polls, restrict voters to only signed in users or seize the opportunity to use social logins such as Twitter or OAuth in your app. Display results of the poll.


As a bonus i came across a challenge on the internet - The Fizzbuzz Challenge. Apparently, this is one of the most famous programming challenges and all it needs you to do is

Write a program that prints all the numbers from 1 to 100. For multiples of 3, instead of the number, print "Fizz", for multiples of 5 print "Buzz". For numbers which are multiples of both 3 and 5, print "FizzBuzz".

It is rumored that most developers can't actually solve this in their specialized languages. So why don't you give this a shot with as many languages you feel good in. Drop your solutions in the comments 😀

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