Welcome to Ace

A lot of people ask me what Ace means. According to multiple dictionaries, Ace means a person that is very good, or someone who excels at a particular sport or other activity. This is why I believe Ace is a journey. A journey to consistently get better and improve in all aspects of a person's interests. Ace is a lifestyle.

When I first started learning to code, early 2012, I created a blog that pushed me to learn more so I can come back to share the experience with the very few people that consistently followed my blog. It's quite what I intend to replicate this time. To improve my learning by teaching and sharing my experiences and things I learn every chance I get.

This entire site, in all it's simplicity is an avenue to achieve this. I hope we can all hop on this journey to getting better together. Looking forward to seeing you in the comments section and on Twitter for discussions surrounding the topics covered in this blog.

Thank you. And continue to Ace shii up!